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Staff Profiles

“The Family”

Paul (Dad)

Having built the business up from nothing, Paul is now taking more of a back step working more “flexible” hours. However when he is at work he takes great pride in the financial side of the business ensuring the company remains successful. Outside of work he is still working hard with a long term renovation project accompanied by his rescue dogs.

Veronica (Mum)

Not seen as much in the business nowadays, but still pops in to cover when needed and does a lot of the running around tasks, often directed by Paul! Outside of the business she is proud of her Scottish heritage and still plays the bagpipes which she has done since the age of 4.

Chris (Son)


As is with progression Chris is now very much running the business and deals with most of the stock buying and any customer service issues. Outside of work he can be found running, cycling or rafting around the country or anything else stupid enough that he thinks proves he’s a real man!



Nigel has been with the company 20 years. He is the backbone of the company and is “king of the flat pack” spending a lot of his time at his bench assembling furniture and doing pre-delivery inspection of goods. However he can often be found helping out on the shop floor as and when required. Outside of work he is a computer whizz kid and long-time Liverpool supporter.


Warehouse/Delivery Assistant

Nigel’s brother! Having been with the company since leaving school, Peter is the delivery assistant and is extremely conscientious going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Outside of work he is also a computer whizz kid and a loyal Hereford football supporter.

Corrick Transport

Delivery Drivers

Deliveries now carried out in association with local firm, Corrick Transport, one of the strong team of 3 will deliver with Peter our delivery assistant. All experienced in moving furniture and always smiling no matter how difficult the job.